The Most Energising Experience

Although I am lucky enough to have found my professional “true calling”, in the past few weeks – nay, months – I had seemingly forgot the feeling of it. As a child, I fell in love with nature, science, and orcas. Mostly orcas. This passion has driven me to study behaviour to maybe one day become a “real” scientist. But I had forgot the thrill and chills this part of me used to give me.

Last weekend, though, I experienced something wonderful that reignited my passion: I was caught in a rainstorm.

I live in an area where the sky is more often cloudy than clear, but this doesn’t correlate with the frequency of storms. So when they happen, I revert to my past self – I go outside to hear, see and smell the storm then quickly get back inside and tuck myself in bed in the company of a Harry Potter book.

But this time I was outside walking my dogs. We were having fun when, suddenly, the light drizzle became rain, then downpour, then torrential downpour (if such a classification even exists), and then… hail kicked in, though it wasn’t cold at all. By that time, all three of us were running—trotting—walking—running-again-because-man-there’s-not-a-nanometer-of-us-that’s-dry—trotting our way back home. Yet feeling the water strike you and “wash” you at the same time was indescribable, in a good way.


To be honest, I would have stayed outside until the end if it wasn’t for my poor dogs. Oh the excitement I felt! The exhilaration! It was as if I was teleported to an actual rainforest. I almost heard the calls of howler monkeys, glimpsed spider monkeys jumping from branch to branch, saw a deer fleeing the scene, perched turkey vultures and a multitude of smaller birds. And the reason I was running? To escape a pack of hungry velociraptors. Because why not.

I felt alive, truly energised. It’s not just a temporary effect, either. Now more than ever, I am driven to accomplish whatever needs to be to attain my goals.

I guess the moral of the story is: when in doubt, find the nearest rainstorm and bask in its watery awesomeness.

With caution.


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