Fieldwork – the beginning

The weather has been THE BEST.

The weather has been THE BEST.

Fieldwork started about 2 weeks ago in Gotland, Sweden. For now, we are following the populations of tits (Great and Blue), checking nest boxes and collecting data on the nest stages and eggs. Soon, we will have data for flycatchers since the first ones have arrived on the island. To get the data that interests me particularly, I need to wait until Great Tit nestlings reach a certain age. Still, this beginning has been eventful and I have noticed some important things.

1) Some people are just unlucky. In only 1 week, a friend of mine has suffered a cut to her finger, the loss of her phone, and the near breakage of her nice camera objective.

2) If you lack a sense of direction, you will be in pain. No joke – the learning curve will very be steep.

4) Bird nestlings can be very cute, such as these Common Blackbirds Turdus merula:

I cannot wait until the peak of the breeding season arrives. They tell me it will be horrible, so I guess it is a good thing I am a bit of a masochist :).


3 thoughts on “Fieldwork – the beginning

  1. Sam Hardman

    Exciting stuff! I’m away on fieldwork now too and also working with great tits, there certainly seem to be a lot of them about this year, I’m hearing them everywhere I go!

      1. Sam Hardman

        Yes, I record their songs and do experiments where I play woodland song and urban song back from a speaker to wild great tits in cities and in rural places. I’m looking for differences in responses between urban/rural birds so I’m recording things like how long it takes for them to sing back, how long to approach the speaker, how long withing 5 meters of the speaker etc… I’m finding some strong differences so it’s all looking good!

        Your work sounds fun too and Sweden looks like a beautiful place 🙂

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