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Link Stack

Lately, I came across some other interesting links, so I thought I’d share them here 🙂

>> Test your patterns of unconscious thought (biases) = http://www.the-twist-project.eu/en/iat/intro/?embed

>> ’10 tips when asking for a letter of recommendation’ by Chris Buddle

>> Super sweet article about octopi; the recounting of an octopus-human meeting, especially, truly makes you realise how alien, intelligent, and cute they are (I think I’m in love <3) = http://www.orionmagazine.org/index.php/articles/article/6474

>> A biologist’s tumblr, or “A compendium of knowledge gleaned from seemingly endless scholarly pursuits in the wild.” His series of “Things I learned as a field biologist” is very funny!

>> Biodiversity + Trading card game + Crowdsourcing = PURE COOLNESS, and it’s called Phylo.

>> CROWDFUNDING FOR SCIENCE RESEARCH !!! = microryza.com is like a KickStarter for scientific projects.

This Is What A Scientist Looks Like

This Is What A Scientist Looks Like = Check out this cool blog!