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psyKo’14, here I come!

“psyKo” is the nickname of the Swiss National Congress for Psychology Students. It is happening next weekend and the nice thing about it is that I’ll be presenting there! My first conference presentation, yay.

There are 2 main topics in my lecture: how ostracism appears not to affect effort mobilisation, and how age can influence people’s susceptibility to being excluded.

My ‘Student Lecture’ has a not-very-good title, and I’m not sure that the content will be the greatest either (what with my experiment being a “failed” one). Nevertheless, I’m still excited and, however it may go, will add this experience to my CV, hehe.

The Influence of Colour and its Intensity on the Enjoyment of Flavour

A slightly updated (and translated (and blurry, apparently)) version of a research project I co-conducted for a college course a while back.

We had to follow some strict guidelines, which is why this video isn’t entertaining in nature. It’s more of a copy of the oral presentation we did, which, by all means, you are free to criticize! No, but really, I’d love some feedback (except for my apparent articulation problems – I discovered them while listening to the video :s).